System for modern staff management

Employee access with self-service portal

Give your employees the tools to manage their own data and access important information. Employees can register their own leave, request address changes and much more.

Try Speybl for free and without obligation.

Employee access with self-service portal Employee access with self-service portal

Main benefits

Increased employee experience through the ability to self-service basic tasks

Reduction of the administrative workload on the HR department

Clearer and more efficient communication between employees and the HR department

Simplification of attendance records and leave planning

Quick access to information on employment and benefits

Increased security through a single location for all sensitive information

For Free

You can try Speybl for free. No card needed.

Available now

Just log in and use it. No installation or expensive training required.

No commitment

We believe that if Speybl really helps you, you'll use it without commitment.

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