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Staff Management. Monitoring attendance, onboarding, and alerts. Integration into existing systems. Employee self-service and easy reporting.

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HR in one place HR in one place

HR in one place

Instead of a bunch of Excel spreadsheets, you have one clear system where you can find out everything about employees, attendance, onboarding, notifications or even work tools in three clicks.

Employee self-service Employee self-service

Employee self-service

Employees can find all relevant information in their profile, enter attendance, report changes to their data. They get access to internal documents.

End of routine work End of routine work

End of routine work

Handover protocols, employment contracts or even payrolls are completed by Speybl for you. In addition, it also monitors onboardings and alerts you to important events.

Reporting without complications Reporting without complications

Reporting without complications

The most important information is available to you instantly. You don't need to set up any charts and reports, we've already done everything for you. Just take a look.

Azure Active Directory
Microsoft ToDo
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Outlook
Google Sheet
Google Tasks
Google Forms
Google Calendar
Google Contacts
Attendance systems
Accounting and payroll systems
... other applications you already use

Easy integration

Speybl can connect to other systems and applications you already use. So you don't have to enter the information into it again, it finds out everything on its own. Plus, it fits easily into your business.

🤩What does our customers say?

Tereza Müllerová

Tereza Müllerová

Startup Jobs

"We implemented Speybl at StartupJobs at the beginning of the year and we are very satisfied with its operation. It is an ideal solution for the needs of smaller companies. We especially value the pro-customer approach, where all our suggestions and comments are implemented within a matter of days. Thank you!"

Erika Sládeková

Erika Sládeková

Xevos IT Solutions

"We introduced Speybl a few months ago and are very happy with it. The system is user-friendly, simple to operate and allows us to easily manage our employees. Thanks to Speybl, we have an overview of the entire HR agenda, order in the administration and, above all, we save time. Our employees appreciate the simple entry of leave or HO requests and also the overview of other employees' absences. We are also satisfied with the team behind the entire system. They are very helpful, they adapted the system according to our requirements and we can turn to them at any time. Definitely recommend."

💸 + ⏱️ = ❤️
Speybl simplifies your daily work. Plus, it saves time and money.

Why Speybl ?

Why Speybl ?

Speybl is a modern tool for effective HR management.

We emphasize ease of use so that everyone can work with it, while providing all the essential tools you need in your company.

Easy to use

Easy to use

Using the app is simple, clear and intuitive. If you don't know what to do, we have extensive help for you.

Fast implementation

Fast implementation

You can use Speybl immediately. It is available online via a web browser. You don't have to deal with installations or updates.

Great support

Great support

If you have any questions, our support is available for free. We can help you with the initial setup or even during use.

For Free

You can try Speybl for free. No card needed.

Available now

Just log in and use it. No installation or expensive training required.

No commitment

We believe that if Speybl really helps you, you'll use it without commitment.

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