We can connect

Integration of the HR application into your company

No more rewriting. Speybl can connect to the tools
you use and ensure the automatic transmission of important information.

We can connect and customize

We can connect Speybl to other applications. This will simplify the transfer of information between them and eliminate possible errors.
Azure Active Directory Microsoft ToDo Microsoft Teams OneDrive Microsoft Excel Microsoft Outlook Giriton Slack Discord Trello Notion Zapier Typeform ClickUp Asana Monday Google Sheet Google Tasks Google Forms Google Calendar Google Contacts API Attendance systems Accounting and payroll systems ... other applications you already use

Accounting systems and ERP

We have ready connections to Pohoda, Pamica and other accounting systems or ERP systems. You can get information about employees or property directly to us.

Attendance systems

Employees do not need to enter attendance manually every day. We can connect to a system that you already use. Entering attendance every day can sometimes be annoying, that's why we have prepared a connection to attendance systems.

Excel, CSV

We understand that you have a lot of data in Excel, for example, and we can get data from it too.


Application allow you to communicate through API. For more information please contact us.


We can connect to hundreds of other applications. Everything to make your work as easy as possible.

For Free

You can try Speybl for free. No card needed.

Available now

Just log in and use it. No installation or expensive training required.

No commitment

We believe that if Speybl really helps you, you'll use it without commitment.

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